At Brookshire Dental in Hurst, Sealy TX a complete test for oral cancer is included in your standard dental examination, which is another reason why you should be inspected regularly. The examination involves an in-depth visual inspection of your lips, tongue, and the interior of your mouth, as well as a look for red or white areas or atypical sores. To identify the existence of lumps and swellings, you may be palpated (pressed with fingers), and your tongue may be gently moved aside for a better view. A special light, dye, or other method may also be utilized to assist in the examination of any questionable spots. A biopsy is simple to do if anything looks to be out of the usual. Oral Cancer Screenings Center in Brookshire, Katy, and surrounding areas.

Risk Oral Cancer

You might be surprised by the answer you get. Oral cancer was formerly assumed to be more common in the elderly. While it still mostly affects those over the age of 40, younger people are the fastest-growing portion of those diagnosed. The primary causes are the spread of sexually transmitted illnesses such as the Human Papillomavirus (HPV16).

Other key risk factors remain. Medium to heavy drinkers and long-term cigarette users are more likely to get the condition. Chronic UV exposure, which has long been linked to skin cancer, has also been linked to lip cancer. Genetic factors are also considered to have a significant role in who gets the condition.

Tough the treatment of Cancer needs money and perfection. Here at Brookshire Dental, we have the best facilities to deal with oral cancer, and our doctors are dedicated to bringing back smiles to your face at an affordable price.

Detecting Oral Cancer

If you notice abnormal sores or color changes in the tissue of your mouth, lips, and tongue, call us. Because these may be symptoms of oral cancer. Most, however, are completely benign. Sores or unusual changes remaining after 2-3 weeks need examination. Remember, the only way to accurately diagnose oral cancer is with a laboratory report. At Brookshire Dental Early diagnosis with screenings at regular dental checkups is the best defense against oral cancer.

Why Choose Brookshire Dental for Oral Cancer Treatment

Your oral health will be prioritized if you choose our oral cancer screening and treatment services at Brookshire Dental, Brookshire, Hurst, Texas. Our committed team has the knowledge and tools necessary to deliver accurate and complete oral cancer tests. Early detection is essential, and because we care about your well-being, we make sure that any issues are handled quickly and effectively. You can depend on us to put your health and peace of mind first with our all-encompassing approach to oral cancer prevention and treatment. Choose our oral cancer screening and treatment at Brookshire Dental Brookshire, Katy, Sealy, and surrounding areas of Texas now to practice preventative dental care. For Further Information contact us at ( 281-377-6666 ).